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The WaxXXX Academy is managed by Immanuel Beauty School in Singapore. Our team of lecturers have a combined experience of more than 20 years in the industry. The training started in 2006, todate, we have trained more than 3000 therapists in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Vietnam & even Mymmar.

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We have developed 4 modules to help build and develop our students and their markets. These are:


Advance Waxing Class

Suitable for non-waxers, the program includes basic theory, and waxing for major body parts like the arms, legs, chest & back. This is a 2 day program.



Facial Waxing

The training will include the hair removal sequence for the face, for both male & female. This is a 1 day program.



Advance Brazilian Waxing

The training will include the 4 different types of Brazilian Waxing. Hi-Low Bikini, Traditional Brazilian, Play Boy Brazilian and the Hollywood or the Full Monte. This is a 2 day program. Only those who have completed the Basic Waxing Class may attend.



CIBTAC Waxing Diploma

An international Waxing Diploma form UK. This is an 80 hours program.


Be A Qualified Wax Technician

More and more salons are offering waxing services with the growing demands, and so there is the growing demand for more Wax Technicians.

At WaxXXX Academy, our vision is to enhance the knowledge, skills and standards of Wax Technicians for the industry, and provide industry education & training that will bring about a total and wholesome waxing experience for our clients.

The Course is –

  • To promote the effective and safe way to administer the technique of Body & Facial Waxing
  • To equip therapist with the proper way of waxing
  • To create awareness of waxing amongst local therapists
  • To increase the earning potential for the therapist and establishment


Our Trainers

Nicole Reposeur
Nicole Reposeur has been a Waxing Trainer, guiding Wax Technicians since 1983. She worked with Mr Christian des Garets, a “genius chemist” , creator of the 5th generation wax formula that is non-sticky, supple texture and without strips used in WaxXXX. Nicole developed the techniques of application and removal for this kind of wax. Mr Christian des Garets passed away in 2012, Nicole is very pleased to be able to continue his legacy while working with WaxXXX as an international Waxing Trainer, in honour of him.

In France, Nicole REPOSEUR was recognised as the Best Waxing Instructor by a Jury for the Depilation Examination Board. In the past 30 years, Nicole has participated in many international congresses and trade shows all over the world. She is well known for her gentle waxing techniques that brings comfort to the clients. Nicole has been teaching in many public and private schools in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, USA and Asia.

A session with Nicole will revolutionize your waxing business.

Hazel Menon
Hazel Menon, founder of the WaxXXX Academy, is described by her friends as a visionary; a person full of enthusiasm and passion. Hazel has been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. She started her own salon in 1989 and went into the distribution of skincare products, beauty equipment and waxes for hair removal in 2000. In 2006, Hazel received a start-up fund from ComCare (a Singapore government board) to start a non-profit beauty school, offering marginalized women, ex-offenders and school drop-outs another opportunity to build a livelihood in the beauty industry. These individuals were trained as Beauty Therapists, Make-Up Artists, Nail Technicians, Wax Technicians and Body Masseurs; graduating with the CIBTAC International Diploma (UK). This experience in establishing and running a training institution, gave her the grounding to move WaxXXX Academy’s capacity to educate and empower therapists into the surrounding region. Today, Hazel travels to more than 11 countries in the year to train and equip salon and spa owners and their staff to upgrade their waxing knowledge: both in subject matter and practical skills. It is her desire to see companies grow in this industry by equipping waxing practitioners with the necessary tools to develop satisfied clientele who would not only return but also refer others to do likewise.
Jerlyn Goh
Jerlyn Goh has been working in the financial sector for 8 years and as an Event Manager for 2 years before she switched into the beauty and spa industry. Her interest in this area led her to pursue her new qualifications in CIBTAC Aesthetics Diploma and CIBTAC Waxing Diploma. Jerlyn assisted in the trainings conducted by Nicole and Hazel in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and China to further equip herself. Today, Jerlyn is an effective bilingual trainer conducting classes in both English and Mandarin for the Singapore Market. She helped many salons with new set ups and revamped many salon protocols for waxing to help the salons be more profitable. Jerlyn has started a new initiative, The WaxXXX Membership for Singapore, this program has helped unite the salons and standardized the service fees as well as higher standards for the waxing techniques. Her aim is to spread the “Pain Less” way of waxing through WaxXXX Academy.
Liz Ho
Liz Ho is the Sales and Education Manager for Malaysia. She has been in the nail & beauty industry training with OPI for more than 10 years before embarking on a new path with WaxXXX in 2011. She is appreciated by salon owners and nail technicians for her inspiring training and giving nature. She has currently conducted more than 50 basic & advance waxing classes in Johore, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and East Malaysia. Her desire is to bring her experience and passion for training into the waxing industry, to bring to a higher standard for waxing services in Malaysia with the WaxXXX Academy. Liz graduated with the CIBTAC WAXING Diploma, Int’l (UK) in 2013. She is married to Yoon Chee Loon and is supported by a wonderful team in The Byuti Shd Bhd, the Sole Distributor for WaxXXX and the Franchisee of WaxXXX Academy in Malaysia.
Gaby Kwok
Gaby Kwok is currently the Executive Director of Hong Kong Hair & Beauty Merchants Association. She has been in the beauty industry since 2002. Gaby is certified with the CIDESCO International Beauty Therapist Diploma from Switzerland, ITEC Beauty Specialist Diploma in London, England CIBTAC Aesthetics Diploma, UK and the CITY & GUILDS Aesthetics Diploma. Gaby was an educator with a beauty institute, teaching in major cities in China, conducting diploma courses. In 2009, Gaby started her own waxing salon, the Barely Beauty waxing salon advocating the benefits and importance of hair removal for both sexes. Through all these years, Gaby realized that there was a great need for high quality wax product and education if Hong Kong was to move forward in the waxing industry. In 2013, Gaby found the solution in WaxXXX Academy. She is very excited that she can now provide a comprehensive training for the local therapists and the WaxXXX products for the local clientele. Gaby & her husband Alan started Waxing International Cosmetics Ltd to become the Sole Distributor for WaxXXX and the franchisee for the WaxXXX Academy for Hong Kong and Macau.
Takako Fujiki
Takako Fujiki started her own beauty salon 20 years ago in Fukuoka. Driven by her desire to want to make her clients more beautiful and meeting their needs, Takako started to equip herself further by attending upgrading courses in USA, Taiwan, Korea and China. In her determination to succeed, she overcame all language barriers to become a qualified educator for Facial, Eyelash Extension and Body Massage. Today Takako is a licenced Educator with the Japan Beauty Association endorsed by the Japan Ministry of Health. She started her Beauty Academy 8 years ago and started her distribution business after. She firmly believes that if she could share her belief and philosophy confidently, more and more people can be happy through being more beautiful. Now, with the WaxXXX Academy, she is very confident that she will be able to bring a whole new standard and better quality product into the waxing industry in Japan. Takako is married to Makoto and have 2 handsome sons. Charis & Co is the the Sole Distributor for WaxXXX and the Franchisee of WaxXXX Academy in Japan.
Tan Swat Hoa
Tan Swat Hoa graduated as an Architect from the Paahyangan Catholic University in Jakarta. Her love for painting led her to participate in many Art Exhibitions in Indonesia. In 1990 she started a design & build company with her friends. During her vacation to Hawaii, she was attracted by the beauty of nail arts and was drawn into the world of Nails. In 2006 she opened her first nail salon, which was followed with the second salon in 2008, and the third in 2012. Her passion for all things beautiful led her to broaden her services for her clients and when she found WaxXXX 2012, she and her husband, Indra Listiyanto, set-up the Litan International, a distribution business for hand, foot, nail care products and also to be the Sole Distributor for WaxXXX and Franchisee of WaxXXX Academy in Indonesia. In 2013 Swat graduated with Honor with the CIBTAC Waxing Diploma, Int’l (UK). She conducted many waxing classes in Indonesia.
Dewi Sri Mulyani
Dewi Sri Mulyani joined Tan Swat Hoa’s nail business as a nail technician in 2007. She received her ‘Bachelor Educator by Harmony’ Certificate from Harmony (Gelish) USA and from Footlogix, Canada soon after. In 2012, Dewi received her training as a WaxXXX Trainer in The WaxXXX Academy of Singapore. Under the tutorage of Hazel Menon and Nicole Reposeur her waxing skills and product knowledge improved. With it her passion for waxing began to grow even more when she saw how the program and products helped many salons grow in business as well as staff morale. Dewi hopes to create more awareness quality service and high quality products to the waxing industry in Indonesia. Today, Dewi conducts many classes by WaxXXX Academy, Indonesia in Jakarta, Bandung and Bali.
Jessie Fong
Jessie Fong joined the beauty industry after she graduated from the university with a business degree. She started out as a manager for a franchise chain in Guangzhou. She began to realize that a person’s confidence and happiness is very much intertwined with the image they have of themselves. It was with the desire to empower her relatives and friends with this philosophy that Jessie decided to start her own beauty salon 20 years ago. She went to beauty school in 1994 to be more equipped as a therapist and since then she has acquired teacher’s qualification in Nail Technician, Eyelash Extension, and Tattooing. & years ago, Jessie started her training with the WaxXXX Academy in Singapore with Hazel Menon and has since then been teaching the waxing techniques to many technicians in Guangzhou and other parts of China.