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About WaxXXX



Our products are made from good quality ingredients from Europe, Korea & USA.

Hazel Menon is the founder of WaxXXX ( read as wax triple x). She started waxing seriously from 2004 after realizing that the return on investment of her 1st purchase of wax was more than 140%. Waxing service was just beginning to pick up in Asia, a land with many races and cultures. But there was a lack of professional waxers around. Her passion for the industry drove her to start her own beauty school, Immanuel Beauty Training Center, to offer new opportunities for both men & women to be trained as WAX TECHNICIANS. To date, Hazel & her team has trained more than 4000 students, young and old in the region.

From 2011, A WaxXXX Academy franchise under the brand WaxXXX is established in every country that has a WaxXXX Distributor. Courses are conducted monthly to ensure that the salons that buys the WaxXXX range of products are properly trained and the aim is to give our clients comfort during a waxing session.

Our training courses includes:
1) Body Waxing System
2) Brazilian Waxing System
3) Facial Waxing System
4) Product Knowledge Training

Our aim is to train & develop more WAX TECHNICIANS to use our WaxXXX.